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Winter on the Rhaetian Railway

12 - 16 February 2022

Switzerland: Winter on the Rhaetian Railway

Switzerland: Winter on the Rhaetian Railway

After the successful Tanago photo tour to the Rhaetian Railway in October 2021, many people wanted to try the topic again when there is really a lot of snow. We are fulfilling this wish and will be presenting several locomotives and railcars for the Tanago photo tour on the Rhaetian Railway on four full photo and video days. The 100 year old Crocodile Ge 6/6', the railcar ABe 4/4'' short Tw II, the Ge 4/4 182, the Ge 4/4 81 and the 110 year old Ge 4/6 353 will be used. We equip each participant with snowshoes so that we can move around in the snowy terrain without sinking into the deep snow.


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No. of participants min 20 max. 32
Duration 4 days
Meals none
Price from 2.280 Euro
Open for bookings Open for bookings
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Saturday, 12 February 2022: Individual arrival of the participants and meeting on Saturday evening at the Hotel 5 Dörfer in Untervaz.

Sunday, 13 February 2022: Today we first travel with the regular train in the direction of Albula and change to the photo train after the first photo. With our GmP, hauled by the classic 100-year-old crocodile Ge 6/6', we are on the Albula all day. Towards evening we take the regular train to Samedan and check into our rooms for the next 3 nights.

Monday, 14 February 2022: In the morning we start in Pontresina after a short ride on the regular train. Today we travel with an ABe 4/4'' short Tw II. It will take us to the photo spots all day. The motive today is a photo train consisting of Ge 4/4 182 and a pure goods train. We will spend the whole day on the northern part of the Bernina line and then return with the regular train from Pontresina to Samedan.

Tuesday, 15 February 2022: Today we are going to the Bernina line again. After we used the 182 yesterday, today its "sister" the Ge 4/4 81 is at our GmP. Also today we are on the Bernina the whole day and return to Samedan in the late afternoon.

Wednesday, 16 February 2022: Finally, we are on the road in the Upper Engadine with the 110-year-old Ge 4/6 353. The locomotive, built for the Engadin line, will be pulling a GmP for us today, starting and finishing in Samedan.

After our 3 days in the Engadin, we return to Untervaz in an extra car that is part of the regular train for a last night in Untervaz.

Thursday, 17 February 2022: Individual journey home for participants.

The cost of travel on the regular train (approx. 70 Euro per person) is not included in the tour price, but can be booked through Tanago / group ticket). We recommend 2 nights in Untervaz and 3 nights in Samedan.

For the protection of all honest participants, we drive on the transfer routes with high-visibility waistcoats on the trains !!!

Tour price

  • 4 days photo programme per person 2.280 Euro
  • All days of feeder trips on the regular train, these can be booked separately through us (70 Euro).

We will be happy to arrange accommodation for you from our room contingent in the Ez and Dz in Untervaz or Samedan (please state in the booking form).

Our services

  • Special trains, on 13, 14, 15 and 16 February 2022, as advertised;
  • Expert and experienced Tanago tour guide (German + English speaking) plus local tour guide.
  • we are happy to arrange hotel accommodation in the 5 villages (12th to 13th February and 16th to 17th February), or in Samedan (13th to 14th; 14th to 15th and 15th to 16th February 2022).

Not included in the tour price are tips, alcoholic beverages and meals, personal expenses, arrival and departure, as well as accommodation on site. 

Booking deadline is 31 December 2021, otherwise we will not get enough hotel rooms along the Rhaetian Railway during the ski season.

Please also note our offer of travel cancellation and Corona travel protection insurance.



Since our photo trains are moving between regular trains, it is necessary that we complete the photo stops within a specified time frame. Therefore, a certain amount of sportsmanship and mutual consideration between the participants is absolutely necessary. Teamwork is the order of the day here.

As you know, Tanago never organises train chases by car. All our customers travel in the train, at the best spots we go off and organise run pasts for you. 

For the protection of all honest participants we ride on the transfer routes with warning vests on the trains!

The photos used were kindly provided by our customers Franz Geisser and Alessandro Salamon.