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The Öchsle line –
99 633 comes back!

20 May 2021

Germany: The Öchsle line – 99 633 comes back!

Öchsle: 99 633 returns!

After its severe engine damage in 2018, the Würthemberg Tssd - 99 633 - will return to Öchsle at the end of May 2021. We don't want to miss this chance and offer you, a photo and video day with 99 633 and an authentic photo train of epoch III on the Öchsle.

We steam from Ochsenhausen to Warthausen, i.e. chimney front. With it we drive photo and video-fairly smoke chamber ahead, in order to dedicate ourselves extensively to the numerous photo points along the distance. Sunrise and sunset we try to realize at the known photo spots.

Our photo train consists of two passenger cars, one luggage car, one covered and one open freight car.

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No. of participants Max 32
Duration 1 day
Meals arranged, own cost
Price 220 Euro
Open for bookings Confirmed, tickets left.
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Our program on friday, in May 2020, starts very early in the morning in Ochsenhausen, from where we steam smoking chamber ahead towards Warthausen. After the lunch break in Ochsenhausen, we start again the whole route and end in the evening after the sunrise pictures in Warthausen. From there you have the possibility to come back to Ochsenhausen with our transfers (extra payment).

Our photo train is composed of: 99 633 + KBi - Stg 0166 (2nd class) + KBi - Stg 0021 (2nd/3rd class) + KPwPosti - Stg 0144 + G Stg 154 + G - Stg 481 (buffer car)

At noon there will be a breather for locomotive, personnel, and photographers and videographers! We can shorten this time at the Bratwurst stand in Ochsenhausen with a hearty snack and a refreshing drink.

Tour price:

per participant: 220 Euro.

The tour is short before confirmed to run already.


About 4 weeks ahead of the event we will mail all detailled information about this event to you.

Although our photo event is carefully planned and the Öchsle-railway will do everything to keep things rolling, our steam locomotive can brake down without prior notice... with other words: while we strive to deliver the best itinerary as it was sold, we can not guarantee that all rolling stock will be available all the time. We will do our utmost to find suitable substitution.

To protect the interests of the honest and paying participants we will follow our strict "anti-freeloader-policy" by enhancing the railcar´s look with high-vis-vests during the transfer sections from one photo location to the next. Only by sharing the costs of these events among like-minded photographers trains like ours can run.