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Czech Republic:
Railcar spring in Bohemia

March 30 - April 2, 2020

Czech Republic: Railcar spring in Bohemia

As a prelude to the event "With roll esgons to the mountains" from 3 to 5 April 2020 on the Zittau narrow-gauge railway, we offer four days of photo rides with railcars of different series on scenic routes in Bohemia. M 262, M 131, M 240 "Singrovka" and the M 286 will be used.

As a tour hotel we have again chosen the brewery in Varnsdorf, both the rooms and the possibility to live in a sleeping car, as well as the catering have convinced us again and again.   

We have consciously planned the appointment during the week, since on the routes we travel there is considerably less scheduled traffic during the week than at the weekend, so we have much more time between the scheduled trains to take pictures.

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No. of participants max 22
Duration 4 days
Meals without
Price from
840 Euro
Open for bookings Open for bookings.
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Our plan looks like this at the moment (it will be updated about 3 months before the start of the journey, regarding possible construction sites and operational readiness of the trains; therefore no guarantee): 

Monday, March 30, 2020: Railcar M 262 076 on routes around Roudnice / Lovosice.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020: Ceska Lipa - Jedlova - Ceska Kamenice with M 286 railcar.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020: Photo ride with M 131.1280 or M 131.109 railcars (vehicles alternate according to technical condition) on the Zubrnice museum railway.

Thursday, April 2, 2020: Photo ride with the motor coach "Singrovka" M 240.056 Liberec - Ceska Lipa. 

On Friday morning the transfer to Zittau is planned (driving time by car approx. 30 minutes), where we will start our tour "with roll wagons to the mountains" at noon.

With this event (with a maximum of 22 participants) we only address photographers (this time exceptionally no videographers) who want to experience and photograph the classic diesel vehicles of the Czech state railway on a professionally organized photo trip.

Why no videographers at this event: In contrast to our other tours, we often leave the railcar in only one position and take our photo. There will be very few "sham journeys" or "passages" that could produce moving pictures for the film. It would be a disappointment for videographers if we didn't report honestly and openly!

We offer selected photo places and scenes, so that you come guaranteed to "your" picture of the different diesel vehicles. We are known for organizing our photo stops in such a way that every participant can take his picture in a good position without pushing, if necessary, we also carry out a photo stop several times.

All participants ride in the train, on the transfer routes we "decorate" our train with orange warning vests. Because "non-payers" are undesirable on our photo rides. Only honest payers make such projects and events possible with their participation fee.

Travel price:

  • Photo charter all 4 days (30.3.-2.4.2020) 840 Euro,
  • Overnight stay in a sleeping car (single cabin with breakfast: 23 Euro per night).
  • Overnight stay in a hotel (single room with breakfast): 46 Euro per night

Our services:

  • Special trains on the routes described above;
  • Lunch and meals in the train are organised (self-payers);
  • Competent and experienced Tanago tour guide (German + English speaking) plus local tour guide.
  • The tour price does not include tips, alcoholic drinks, meals on the train, personal expenses, travel to and from the Czech Republic and accommodation on site.

Accommodation: We have reserved a complete car of the brewery's own sleeping car train at the Kocour Pivovar Brewery in Varnsdorf, Czech Republic (directly behind the German-Czech border). From 29 March to 3 April 2020, we will be offering a prize-worth overnight accommodation there. Every participant in our photo trip "Spring of the Railcar in Bohemia" can book a compartment for single use here for 23 € per night, or a single room in the brewery inn (46 € per night), the price also includes breakfast in the brewery restaurant. Please note your accommodation requirements (how many nights / from when to when on the booking form).

Please note our extensive insurance options: Tanago works with the HanseMerkur insurance company. You can take out inexpensive protection against illness, loss of valuables, cancellation or cancellation costs simply and quickly via Tanago!

All participants travel by train, during transfers we enhance the look of our railcars and locomotives by adding orange high vis-vests. Only honest and paying participants support the preservation of the historic traction.