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Autumn Steyr valley railroad

30 September – 2 October 2022

Austria: Autumn Steyr valley railroad

In spring 2022 it has not worked out due to corona, so we have moved our Steyr valley railroad tour in the fall.

Autumn in the Steyr Valley, a photographic dream - in addition steam locomotives in front of authentic passenger and freight trains or Mixed Train of era III. This time we offer 4 locomotives, with 298.102, 298.53, 498.04 as well as the recently repaired 699.103 will be used. With a bit of luck, 298.53 will be ready for action again, it will then "slip" into the place of 298.102, so that the tour is also worthwhile for participants who have already visited the Steyr valley railroad with us.

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No. of participants Min. 10 max. 36
Duration 3 day
Meals arranged, own cost
Price from 250 Euro
tour is confirmed Confirmed, tickets left.
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September 30, 2022, Friday
Star of today is 298.53, which will first haul a passenger train consisting of D 6460 and 2 x Bi (canopy), Gw 10063, Nw 40828 and Gw 10220 from Grünburg to Steyr LLB. The train will carry our extras who will be available for photos on the train and at the photo stops.  

After transfer of the train in Steyr we will drive with several photo stops to Sommerhubermühle and further to Grünburg.

Lunch break is in Aschach, where you can get a hot lunch and drinks.

October 1, 2022, Saturday
Star of today is 699.103, which has just been rebuilt and is ready for service. We string a freight train with it, consisting of Gw 10254 (collection car) and 7 freight cars on the line Grünburg - Steyr LB - Grünburg. In Aschach watering and lunch break (lunch Sebstzahler). From Aschach, 699.103 gets hauled by 298.102. Night shots with Grünburg with 4 locos under steam !! 298.53, 298.102, 498.04 and 699.103.

October 2, 2022, Sunday
Today we are on the road with 2 trains:
Photo passenger train and photo freight train on the line Grünburg - Steyr LB - Grünburg. Train formation (in direction from Steyr):
a) passenger train with loco 699.103 + D 6460 and 2 B4 (corresponds to the planned trains from 1980 to 1982)
b) freight train with loco 498.04 - Gw 10254 (collection wagon) and 7 different freight wagons + Bi
3 to 5 extras ride in the train, road vehicles in the area of Sommerhubermühle, in Aschach water catching and lunch (basis self-pay).

End of the event around 16:30 h.


Tour price

  • three days photo program, per person 620 Euro
  • Single days: (if booked until March 15, 2022)
  • Friday, 30.09.2022: 298.102 with Gmp and extras, per person 250 Euro
  • Saturday, 1.10.2022: 699.103 with freight train and diesel escort train for photographers / videographers and leader 298.102 from Aschach, per person 260 Euro
  • Sunday, 2.10.2022: 699.103 with passenger train and extras, and 498.04 with freight train and road vehicles, per person 260 Euro

Our services

Special trains on the Steyrtalbahn on September 30, October 1 and 2, 2022 Expert and experienced Tanago tour guide (German + English speaking) plus local tour guide.

Not included in the tour price are tips, alcoholic beverages and meals, personal expenses, arrival and departure to the Steyr Valley.

Own arrival.

To protect the honest depositors, we drive on all transfer routes on the locomotive and on some cars with orange or yellow high-visibility vests. For "freeloaders" we have no place on our tours!