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Enjoy railfan and foto tours with Tanago. We take you to some of the most interesting places for railfanning, let you Travel in Style to enjoy the rich diversity of foreign cultures from the comfort of your first class seat, and show you the beauty of photography. We run small groups with an excellent value for money.

Foto von Tanago Tours, Berlin

Early 2015 saw us enjoying minus temperatures in China, then we went on with snow and steam at the Harz, followed by Romanian and Polish winter steam... All went well - and our groups got fantastic pictures!

We returned to the Chinese Southern narrow gauge lines in March - and found it better than ever (well, that´s how the marketing guys would put it). We simply say: "it was good"!

Then the bad news about the Chilean flooding came up, pictures and eye-witness-reports followed - and we decided not to run a tour to a disaster area. Better times were spent in Botswana and Zimbabwe where we chased the last working steam services in industrial services, and had some photo charter days with the NRZ garratts.

Now we have a 3 months no-tour-period from June to September. It doesn´t mean we polish our company´s yacht in the secret Caribbean harbour or count the gold bars at the evenly secret Swiss bank depot as some of you may want to imagine... we will be busy preparing new tours for 2016 and even 2017! Next Tanago events to come are our autumn tour to the Romanian Vaser valley, and photocharters on the Polish Znin narrow gauge railway and the German Bad Muskau line.  

Stay tuned!