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Öchsle and 75 Amstetten - Gerstetten now rescheduled for September 2021
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Cancellation of our tours in the month of May
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Switzerland: Steam at Furka IV
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The next crocodile summer is coming for sure !!!
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Big program update on Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Cancellation Frankfurt and Steyrtal
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The "crocodile summer 2021" may come
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Changes in the Tanago program
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Steam in Great Britain is too uncertain for us - cancellation
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3 new videos from past Tanago tours to Pakistan are now online. Enjoy!!
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Thank you for your loyalty to Tanago
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About Tanago

Enjoy interesting Tanago tours and charter trains that have been designed with the needs of photographers and film-makers in mind.

The people behind Tanago are vivid railfans and photographers themselves and know what to do best to ensure that you return home with plenty of impressive photos or films.
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Tanago - how do we continue ?

In Corona times you casually think that everything is shut down and life is slower. With Tanagit's the other way around at the moment. Postponing and re-organising the tours takes a lot of time and a lot of re-coordination with all parties involved. In addition, so-called "hygiene concepts" for the new start have tbe worked out and implemented. Swe provide all participants with a mouth and nose protection for each event, which you can alspurchase from the TanagShop. This is slowly but surely developing inta top seller in our programme. We hope tmake a fresh start with the Wendelstein Tour and the night photcampaign in the Harz Mountains, sthat we can continue working from tour ttour. We benefit from the fact that we have never organized tours with many participants, but rather with only a few, which we know and can assess well. We expect a final decision on Wendelstein and Harz, whether yes or no, in the next week. Until then we ask for a little patience.

Besides there are alsnew tours, all "around the church tower" tavoid long journeys in airplanes or buses for the time being.

Steam clouds over the Brohl valley on 11 and 12 September 2020
On twdays we drive typical freight and passenger trains with the diesel locomotive D 5 (small V 160) and the steam locomotive 11SM on the scenic Brohl valley railway. As we are not allowed tuse the steam locomotive on the steep section of the Brohl valley railway at the moment (steep track ban of the 11SM), we will tackle this interesting section of the line with the D 5. The container train with the small V 160 on narrow gauge tracks will certainly be a highlight on this tour. Swe will be using the entire Brohl Valley Railway from the harbour up tthe steep track. We are happy tbe able tsupport the Brohl Valley Railway in its commitment even in difficult times.

Winter steam in the Selketal on 5 and 6 February 2021
In addition tthe twnight photcampaigns in July 2020 in Wernigerode, we are alsdrawn tthe Harz Mountains in 2021. Due tthe dying of the forests, the Brocken looks bad in the meantime, which is why we decided tuse the Selketalbahn. In addition, we can arrange more relaxed phottrains here than on the busy Brockenbahn. 99 6001 strung for us on 2 days in each case a differently composed mixed trains, formed from one or 2 freight cars and 2 or 3 green Tradi cars. In addition night shots in Gernrode, illuminated with our professional lighting equipment.

Winter steam on the Fichtelbergbahn on 5 and 6 March 2021
On 2 days we enjoy the winter steam with 2 different steam engines and different trains between Cranzahl and Oberwiesenthal. One of them is the passenger train, made up of green GR cars (nyellow tourist cars). On the other hand we use the mixed train, where besides the green DR passenger cars, one or twfreight cars will be used. In addition, night shots at the rolling car facility in Cranzahl.

A day in the station Rittersgrün in 1971 on Sunday, March 7, 2021
The best complement tthe Fichtelbergtour is the following visit of our photsession in the train station Rottersgrün. Here we want tsupport the active association, which only has a cold IV K, but is very committed tthe cause. We are organizing a photshooting at the station Rittersgrün with the old building IV K 99 1579-4, historical carriages and many actors, which will enliven the different scenes. All scenes will be put together by a diesel locomotive. We have done similar shootings in the past, just remember the great events at the depot of Wittenberge ...

Narrow gauge steam in Sroda from April 16 - 18, 2021
Narrow gauge steam in Poland is not much left, unfortunately the Px-38 is parked in Znin, swe won't be able tget there in 2021 (except the trip with the Travelclub as part of the Poland tour). Cisna is tus honestly in Corona times tomuch travel effort, which is why we decided tgtSroda. But Sroda with the Px 48 promises tbe a very interesting event. From Friday afternoon tSunday noon we travel the narrow-gauge line from Sroda tZaniemysl several times with the Px48-1756 and various trains. Especially the morning light shots make the line in Sroda a special experience. In addition night shots illuminated with our professional lighting equipment.

The 2 most beautiful forest railways in Romania from 1 - 8 May 2021
In May 2021 we are planning authentic phottrains on the Vaser Valley Railway and in Moldovita at the time of tree blossoming.  Including bus transfer from / tCluj, full board and accommodation in guesthouses selected by us. We expect 5 different steam locomotives in front of our phottrains. We can realize this tour with very little travel expenses, swe decided trevive this great tour, which we have done many times before, at the time of the tree blossom.  

That's it from Berlin, stay healthy and see you soon.

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