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Poland Znin Px38 narrow gauge steam Tanago Railfan tours


19 - 23  May 2021


Before the Travelclub travels to Wielkopolska (24th - 28th May 2021) there is still the possibility to take part in 3 extremely interesting, Württemberg photo tours with steam locomotives. We will visit the Öchsle with its legendary narrow-gauge Mallett 99 633, known to many from the romantic railway films. Afterwards we let the Württemberg 75 1118 with a lovingly arranged mixed trains between Amstetten and Gerstetten show what it is made of. And finally we visit the recently rebuilt museum railway of the Härtsfeldbahn. Before the group travels from Ulm to Berlin with the ICE, there is still time for a city tour in Ulm.

No. of participants min. 6 max. 20
Duration 5 days
Meals optional breakfast
Price from 600 €
Open for bookings Open for bookings
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The Travelclub Tour Program

Wednesday, 19 May 2021
Meeting of all participants at Frankfurt Airport and common journey with the ICE Frankfurt Airport - Ulm in 1st class.

Afterwards check-in at the IC- Hotel in Ulm.
Meals: none

Thursday, May 20, 2021
joint drive to Ochsenhausen, where 99 633 covers an authentic mixed train between Ochsenhausen and Warthausen. 

Our program on Thursday starts very early in Ochsenhausen, from where we steam the smoke chamber ahead towards Warthausen. After the lunch break in Ochsenhausen, we take the whole route again and end in the evening after the sunrise pictures in Warthausen. 

Our photo train consists of: 99 633 + KBi - Stg 0166 (2nd class) + KBi - Stg 0021 (2nd/3rd class) + KPwPosti - Stg 0144 + G Stg 154 + G - Stg 481 (buffer car)

At noon there is a breather for locomotive, staff, and photographers and videographers! We can shorten this at the bratwurst stand in Ochsenhausen with a hearty snack and a refreshing drink.

After the end of the photo ride we will take the DB from Warthausen back to Ulm.

Overnight stay at the IC-Hotel Ulm.
Meals: Breakfast (possibly packed).

Friday, May 21, 2021
Early in the morning we take the DB from Ulm to Amstetten, where our photo tour starts. From there we steam towards Gerstetten.

Our photo train is made up of the Baden 75 11118 with DB- Biscuit, the Donnerbüchse Ci 84476, a flat car without stakes (loaded with 2 tractors), a tank car and a G-car (Glms 207), as well as two Fc-cars. We travel twice in each direction on this day, changing the order of the cars in Gerstetten to create different train patterns.

At noon, there will be a break for locomotive, staff, and photo/video photographers! We will shorten this with a hearty snack and refreshing drinks (self-payers).

After the end of the photo trip we will travel back to Ulm with the DB from Amstetten.

Overnight stay at the IC Hotel in Ulm.
Meals: Breakfast (possibly packed).

Saturday, 22 May 2021
Early in the morning a shuttle service from the IC Hotel in Ulm will bring us to Neresheim. From there we take locomotive 12 on the route Neresheim - Steinmühle to the current end point Sägmühle. We make another round with the railcar T 33 and some narrow gauge freight cars. Several extras round off this daily programme.

At the end of the event the shuttle service will bring us back to the IC Hotel in Ulm.
Meals: Breakfast (possibly packed).

Sunday, May 23, 2021
After breakfast we visit the city of Ulm before we take the ICE from Ulm to Berlin (travel time about 5 hours) to continue our journey to Poland the next day. 

Overnight stay in the IC-Hotel Berlin (Hbf),
Meals: Breakfast.

Travelclub tour price

  • Per participant the 3 photo tours (Öchsle, 75 1118 and Härtsfeldbahn) together cost 600 Euro
  • per participant overnight stay in 1/2 double room for the mentioned period, plus train tickets and shuttle service, incl. city tour Ulm 850 Euro.
  • Single room supplement 180 Euro.

Booking deadline for this trip is 28 February 2021