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Winter steam on forest railways

22nd February - 1st March 2020

Romania: Winter steam on forest railways

Romania: Winter steam on forest railways

This photo and video event in a small group takes you to the snow-covered Carpathian forest for a winter steam. More than 20 participants will not find enough space in the winter at the sometimes very narrow photo spots in the Vaser valley and in Moldovita - we pay attention to quality, therefore we limit the group to a maximum of 20 participants.

We offer 5 video and photo days in Viseu and 2 days in Moldovita, with a total of at least 6 different forest railway steam locomotives in operation. We photograph and film the forest workers and railway workers during the hard working day, skilfully stage the trains, organize horse carriages and rural scenes, take night shots in the locomotive shed in Viseu and Moldovita and enjoy the Romanian hospitality. 

As I said, a photo trip not only for railway photographers. With full board, accommodation in selected, clean guesthouses and all necessary transfers from Cluj airport to Viseu de Sus and back. Our price includes almost everything ... Compare for yourself!

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No. of participants Min. 10 - max. 20
Duration 8 days
Meals full board
Price from 1.240 €
Open for bookings A few tickets left.
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The tour program

Saturday, February 22, 2020
Meeting of all participants in the late afternoon in Viseu de Sus. There are the following options for the journey: either completely individually with own car (Viseu is by the way a safe car parking area...!), or with the course up to Viseu de Jos, only few km away from Viseu de Sus. There we will have you picked up by taxi or bus). Furthermore you can fly to Cluj (Lufthansa offers very good connections from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to Cluj) and can be picked up there and driven directly to Cluj. In the evening dinner together in the dining car of the hotel train to get to know each other in the group.
Overnight stay in typical, by us selected pensions in Viseu de Sus.
Meals: Dinner.

Sunday, February 23, 2020
Drive with an authentic, steam-covered wooden train into the Wassertal valley with several photo stops. Overnight stay and dinner in the forester's lodge in Faina or Vlea Babil. Our overnight accommodations today are very simple but clean hostels for loggers in the small villages along the water valley. In order to be able to use the whole day today and tomorrow completely, we need an overnight stay outside Viseus, so that we can photograph the best motives of the course in the upper section of the Wassertal without time pressure. In the evening Maramurenser campfire (2-3 meters log height) and cosy get-together. We put our Resita in the glow of the fire for atmospheric night shots.
Overnight stay in a simple and clean hostel for lumberjacks.
Meals: Breakfast, picnic lunch on the train, dinner.

Monday, February 24, 2020
We follow the way of the wood from the felling, over the transport with horses, over the loading with muscle power over a ramp and the transport of the wood with the steam train into the valley.
Overnight stay in typical pensions selected by us.
Meals: Breakfast, lunch as picnic on the train, dinner.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Exclusively for our group a Resita is heated up again, it covers a train into the Vaser valley up to Suigul (beyond the tunnels) with many photo stops. In the evening we offer you a small locomotive parade in front of the locomotive shed in Viseus de Sus, illuminated by us, for pictures in the "blue hour" and for night shots.
Overnight stay in typical guesthouses selected by us.
Meals: Breakfast, lunch as picnic in the train, dinner.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020
After breakfast we drive with our tour bus from Viseu de Sus to Moldovita. In the afternoon we will take an authentic wooden train consisting of empty turntable wagons to Moldovita, mainly the upper part of the forest railway. Passing old wells - still with crankcases - and old wooden houses, with horse-drawn carriages on the parallel road, we should be able to take some interesting pictures. In the evening we put the Resita in front of the locomotive shed in Moldovita and take night shots.
Overnight stay in clean pensions in Moldovita, chosen by us.
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Thursday, February 27, 2020
In the morning we use the light to take pictures of the Resita covered freight train along the route, after lunch we drive back to Viseu de Sus. 
Overnight stay in a typical guesthouse in Viseu de Sus. 
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Friday, February 28, 2020
Today we drive up to Botizu again with an authentic forest train. We visit photo sites that we did not visit the days before.
Overnight stay in a typical guesthouse in Viseu de Sus.
Meals: Breakfast, lunch as picnic in the train, dinner.

Saturday, February 29, 2020
After breakfast we fetch the O+K locomotive "Mariuta" (but only if the snow is not too high, otherwise we break the steering - alternatively we take a Resita) from the locomotive shed and cover with it a short train typical for the forest railways up to Botizu. In the evening we meet in the dining car of the hotel train to review the eventful week and say goodbye to the forest railways.
Overnight stay in a typical guesthouse in Viseu de Sus.
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Sunday, March 1, 2020
After breakfast we drive back to the airport Cluj, from where we start our journey home.
Meals: Breakfast.

End of the journey.

Tour price

1.360 Euro per person for accommodation in typical guesthouses (1/2 quintal) for bookings after 1 October 2019

1.240 Euro per person for accommodation in typical guesthouses (1/2 quintal) for bookings until September 30, 2019
  130 Euro single room rate
  350 Euro - Flight from all German airports with LH to Cluj and back, we will charge you at the time of your flight.
  booking, the then valid tariff, which can also be cheaper.

 120 Euro - Transfer from Cluj airport to Viseus de Sus and back.

Our services

  • 5 special trains on the Wassertalbahn and 2 special trains in Moldovita,
  • Transfer Viseu de Sus - Moldovita - Viseu de Sus by Tanago tour bus,
  • all necessary transfers, entrance and visit fees;
  • Overnight stays in typical pensions in 1/2 double room with shower/WC, one night in a simple woodcutter's lodging in a double or triple room.
  • Full board
  • Expert and experienced Tanago tour guide (English speaking) plus local tour guide.

Not included in the tour price are tips, alcoholic beverages, personal expenses, arrival and departure from Viseu de Sus.

The travel planning is designed for maximum photo and video yield and therefore designed for dedicated photographers and videographers. In the morning we start early, lunch is usually packed, in the evening we will enjoy the Romanian cuisine!

In the past there have been many reports about the narrow-gauge railways in Romania, many of them were very negative. The very rapid dismantling of most of the railways in Romania after the fall of communism and the sometimes mafia-like circumstances of the many failed efforts to preserve the railways certainly contributed to consolidating the image of Romania.

The situation is quite different with the railways we visit today: supported by the commitment of private initiatives, fundamental basic work is being done here to ensure the long-term existence of a tourist enterprise. Our travelers in recent years have also shown it: the railways have a very positive time ahead of them, both operators and museum railways look to the future full of optimism. Especially in the Wassertal valley, the railway can no longer save itself from the onslaught of "normal tourists" and in summer special trains are on the move almost every day.

Arrival options
The official meeting point for all participants is Viseu de Sus, accessible either directly by car or by train via Viseu de Jos. If you arrive with your own car, you can park your car safely in the fenced and guarded yard of the Wassertalbahn and in the backyard of the guesthouses. There are very good connections by train via Budapest. Destinations can be either Viseu de Jos or Cluj. From both places we arrange a taxi transfer to Viseu de Sus.
Cluj can also be reached by plane: Lufthansa flies to the city several times a day from many airports in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We will be happy to book a flight for you; the cost, depending on the airline and departure point, is approximately 350-400 euros per person including all taxes and fees.

For the transfer between Cluj and Viseu de Sus the taxi costs about 150 Euro per way, the journey takes about 2-3 hours for 200 kilometers. We will try to group arriving and departing participants in taxis in order to reduce the transfer price per person. We may also rent a local bus to ensure transfer for all participants.

Hospitality is an important part of the country's culture. Romania is a very traditional tourist country, modern Romania is particularly evident in the capital Bucharest, while the rural areas still convey the original attitude to life. The EU's regulatory frenzy is not yet evident on every corner, but the changes are still tangible almost everywhere, even in the province a 40-ton truck suddenly bends around the corner instead of the horse and cart. The infrastructure for accommodation and overnight stays has become much better: our boarding houses in Viseu de Sus and Moldovita are simple and clean, the food is plentiful. We will spend one night in woodcutter hostels in the Wassertal valley: here, too, everything is not luxurious, but clean and functional. In Viseu we also have a standard gauge sleeping car at our disposal.

Experience the real Romania!

Temperatures & Technology
In summer we can expect temperatures similar to ours. Please note that jackets or trousers in bright colours have lost nothing on a railway journey!

Entry regulations
For a touristic visit in Romania there is no visa requirement for German citizens. Please check the possibly deviating regulations for your home country!

See you soon in Romania!