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The "Wumme" at Arnstadt Depot

Saturday, 27 July 2024

Arnstadt depot is home to a large number of Reichsbahn steam locomotives. We breathe life into the locomotives and, with the help of our locomotive crews in DR uniforms, recreate everyday situations in Arnstadt depot during the Reichsbahn era - all locomotives are signposted in DR era 4.

As a special highlight, the "Wumme" will perform shunting maneuvers against the backdrop of the steamers. Meanwhile, depot staff will be busy greasing the locomotives and working on the engines. Photo and film opportunities galore. In the evening we breathe life into the steam locomotives with our pyrotechnics, so that the illusion of a depot in the Reichsbahn era is perfect. 

Night shots on the turntable round off our action. Expected duration from 14 - 22 o'clock.



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No. of participants  min. 15 max. 28
Duration 14 - 23 h
Meals self-payment
Price 160 Euro
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Thanks to the museum association, an authentically reconstructed depot ensemble with the complete infrastructure of a typical Reichsbahn depot has been created on the site of the old GR depot. The depot is home to a number of interesting GR steam locomotives, such as 44 0093, 38 1182, 94 1292, 91 6580, 89 6311, 65 1049, 50 3688 and 01 1531, as well as 131 072, 120 274, 118 749 and 118 505 in the diesel section.

Here we want to recreate the once everyday scenes in the depot from the early afternoon until the evening hours. With the locomotives of the museum depot and the "Wumme" in operation, we will be able to take pictures in and in front of the shed, on the turntable, during coaling, collecting water, and during rigging and de-rigging. 

During the blue hour, the daytime shots change to night-time shots, and here too we imagine scenes at the engine control room and on the turntable. Real railwaymen and extras in Reichsbahn uniforms enliven the pictures with everyday work on and around the locomotive.

The photographic possibilities are almost unlimited! As usual at our events, we limit the maximum number of participants so that everyone can get the pictures they want undisturbed.


Our services

  • Photo event at Arnstadt depot, with the Wumme in operation, all other locomotives signposted in epoch 4 of the DR,
  • In the evening we will fire up the barbecue (on a self-pay basis)
  • Expert and experienced Tanago tour guide (German + English speaking), as well as local tour guide.
    Not included in the tour price are tips, personal expenses, travel to and from the event.

Please note our extensive insurance options: Tanago works together with the HanseMerkur insurance company. You can take out inexpensive cover against illness, loss of valuables, travel cancellation or trip interruption costs quickly and easily via Tanago!



On Sunday, July 28, 2024 our next erotic photo shoot with 5 attractive, professional photo models will take place in front of the backdrop of the Reichsbahn Bw's. At the time of the tour announcement, we can still allocate a few remaining places.