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Muskau – Winter at the forest railway

21 and 22 January 2022

Germany: Muskau - Winter at the forest railway

Bad Muskau: Winter travel with the forest railway

We have often been guests at the Waldeisenbahn in Bad Muskau with our photo tours, but we have never travelled with snow. This time we want to tackle that. We have reserved 3 weekends and determine on the Monday before each one whether the weather conditions are stable enough for us to confirm the tour. All you have to do is sign up, then if you can make the date, you are in and we confirm, otherwise the booking lapses.

The first possible weekend would be 22 and 23 January, if we don't have enough snow then we'll go for 29 and 30 January, the third attempt would then be possible on 5 and 6 February 2022.


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No. of participants min. 10 max. 32
Duration 2 days
Meals self paid
Price from 180 Euro
Open for bookings Confirmed, tickets left.
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22 January 2022, Saturday: Departure of our train is at 9 am at Bhf Weisswasser, where we are expected back around 4 pm.

23 January 2022, Sunday: Departure again at 9 am, back around 3:30 pm.

99 3312 will pull a typical coal train (5 cars) for us, in any case there will be a heated passenger car with warm drinks on board. We will travel the route Weisswasser - forest areas Kromlau/ branch Adolf/ Weisswasser East- Weisswasser.

The event will end on Sunday at around 3:30 pm.



  • 2 days total programme 22 - 23.01.2022 - 320 Euro.
  • only Saturday, 22. January, resp. 29. January or 5. February 2022 - 180 Euro
  • only Sunday, 23. January, resp. 30. January or 6. February 2022 - 180 Euro

Our services

  • Photo train on the forest railway with 99 3312 in the heated passenger coach (catered);
  • Expert and experienced Tanago tour guide (German + English speaking) plus local tour guide.

Not included in the tour price are tips, alcoholic beverages and food, personal expenses, arrival and departure to Weisswasser.


We cannot drive over level crossings at this event as they are not cleared of snow. Otherwise, the network of the Muskau Forest Railway is at our disposal. On the Monday before the planned weekend, we will inform all bookers whether we are going or not. If a participant does not accept (within one day by mail), his booking will be cancelled.