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the last Plan steam in Europe 

8 – 15 October 2022

Bosnia: the last Plan steam in Europe

In Bosnia, too, steam operation is coming to an end. The locomotives in the coal- mines have less and less work to do, the state railroad diesel locomotives are at gunpoint and it is only a matter of time before steam will be terminated. In recent years, Bosnia has always been a worthwhile Tanago destination and our customers have never been disappointed.

This time we offer a compact and inexpensive full steam trip to the last Plan steam in Europe with many operational steam locomotives (there are still 5 Bosnian war locomotives of the 33 series available (former DR series 52) available, 3 of them operational, 62-125 and 62-111 (replica of the American war locomotive), the Skoda 19-12, and in the narrow gauge sector 83-158 and 83-157, 55-59 and 25-25. We try to get as many of the engines in front of the lenses as possible during in the 4 days of photography.

Perhaps you will experience the use of steam traction in the Balkans for the last time! This is already our fifth tour to the steam locomotives in four years to Bosnia.

Enjoy the video of our fellow traveler Claude Coune from the Bosnia tour in October 2017.

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No. of participants Min. 15 - max. 28
Duration 8 days
Meals Half board
Price from 2.450 Euro
Open for bookings Open for bookings
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Saturday, 8 October 2022
This year's Bosnia programme starts on Saturday with the arrival of our plane at Tuzla airport. Then half-hour bus transfer to the comfortable 4-star tour hotel Senad od Bosne near Tuzla. Dinner and overnight stay at the tour hotel. 

Sunday, 9 to Friday, 14 October 2022 

We will "work through" the following programme items during our visit:

  • Visit to the KREKA mining company's railway operation and repair plant in Bukinje,
  • Mine visits in Sikulje and Dubrave with regular 33s shunting in front of long coal trains, we take a second 33 into the mine for prestressing services,
  • Use of the mine locomotives up to the state railway transfer station,
  • Special steam train Srebenik - Bosanska Poljana - Lukavac - Sikulje,
  • Special services of additional 33s in the mines and on the connecting lines mine-state railway,
  • Shunting on standard gauge with Skoda 19-12 and 62-125 under steam in Banovici,
  • Steam special train with class 33 and 15 - 20 open wagons Dobosnica - Lukavac - Bosanska Poljana - Dubrave,
  • night shots with 2 x class 33 in Lukavac and Sikulje,
  • extensive shunting activities in Banovici station, both in the standard gauge and the narrow gauge part of the shunting yard,
  • Special colliery steam and special steam trip Sikulje - Lukavac - Bosanska Poljana - Banovici,
  • Shunting trip on the "Tanago 3 rail track" with CKD Rh 25 and goods wagons,
  • Visit of the narrow gauge railway station in Banovici,
  • Special steam trip on the narrow-gauge railway Oskova - Turija with 2 x BR 83 and 8 - 10 open goods wagons,
  • Night shots with BR 33 in Banovici and Lukavac, possibly also in the mine Sikulje and in the narrow gauge station of Banovici.

As you can see from the video or the photos in our Bosnia gallery, we had a full programme with lots of photo opportunities in the last years. We expect at least the same number and quality for this tour!

Meal: Breakfast, 3-course menu Dinner.
Overnight in 4 star hotel Senad od Bosne near Tuzla.

Saturday, 15 October 2022
After breakfast at the tour hotel, transfer to Tuzla airport where our tour ends. 
Meals: Breakfast.

End of the tour.


Tour price:

2.450 Euro per person in 1/2 double room (without flight ticket)
   160 Euro surcharge for single room

We can arrange a flight for you on request.

Our services:

  • Participation in the above-mentioned photo trips and land steam services;
  • AW, BW sightseeing and night photography;
  • All transfers and entrance fees as per programme;
  • Upscale 4-star hotel with half board (large breakfast buffet and 3-course dinner)
  • Tanago tour guide (German & English speaking) and local guide;
  • Tanago information material.
  • Not included are tips and personal expenses.

We run this tour with a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 28 participants.



Bosnia-Herzegovina is a civilised European country with hospitable people. The mentality may be different from that of the German-speaking countries, but that is precisely what makes a trip to the Balkans so appealing.

In the best Yugoslavian tradition, photographing locomotives or railway installations is still met with a certain "prohibitionist attitude". We therefore need a visit permit for every company we visit, and the plant managers are well paid. Occasionally even passports or identity cards have to be deposited in the mines.

Types of traction and locomotive use can change at any time. Let's not fool ourselves: we are visiting a dying type of traction - and hardly any railway company voluntarily uses steam. If they could afford it, many railways would already have switched to diesel traction. Only the indebtedness of many companies forces them to continue using steam. There is no guarantee for a certain locomotive, a certain series, or a certain mine or line. The programme put out to tender therefore represents a snapshot without any entitlement to reimbursement or offsetting of travel services.

Despite newer legislation, terms such as industrial safety or accident prevention are often foreign words. Please be careful and pay attention to your surroundings, especially in mines and coal loading plants there is a higher risk of accidents than at home in Germany!

In order to make the best use of our time in the country, we start early in the morning, at noon we usually have a small snack on the way, in the evening we have plenty of food. Almost always meat is served in all variations!

The costs of the land program are a kind of "all-inclusive". Your additional costs on this trip are therefore limited to the consumption of drinks and potential extra wishes. Besides that you only have to pay a contribution to the tip fund.

Temperatures & Technology
We expect sunny days with pleasant summery temperatures - similar to what we have here in Germany, it can be a bit chilly in the morning.
Our hotel "Senad od Bosne" in Tuzla offers perfect WiFi in all rooms.

Entry requirements
For the entry to Bosnia-Herzogovina an identity card is sufficient, please check the possibly different regulations for your home country!