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With 1099.14 and 1099.11
on the Mariazell Railway

11 – 13 june 2024

It took us a long time to get permission for photo charters on the Mariazell Railway with the red and beige 1099.14. Since 2019, we have been allowed to make several trips on the Mariazell Railway with 1099.14 in various livery variants. In 2023, 1099.11 was then added in red-beige livery, with both locomotives we were able to carry out great pre-stressing services on the MzB mountain line in 2023. 

For June 2024, we are offering a special treat for all fans of the narrow-gauge 1099 on 3 days. We are going back on the mountain line with 2 locomotives of the class 1099 of the Tanago Tour. 1099.14 (repainted) and 1099.11, which was rebuilt in 2023, will be pulling our trains. We offer a different train composition every day. The locomotives will be specially equipped with our authentically produced locomotive signs in era 3 (winged wheel or pancake).

As is customary at Tanago, all participants ride in the train, and on the transfer routes we "decorate" the locomotive and carriages with high-visibility vests, as non-paying onlookers are not welcome on our trips.

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No. of participants Min. 20
max. 34
Duration 3 days
Meals optionally
Price from 380 Euro
Open for bookings Confirmed, tickets left.
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Our tour program

Monday, June 10, 2024
Arrival of the participants at the tour hotel in Winterbach (or beforehand when booking the steam program on the Ybbstalbahn or the Krumpe).

Tuesday, June 11 to Thursday, June 13, 2024
From Winterbach, we will travel each day with both locomotives and different train sets on the mountain line of the Mariazell Railway. We use the days to travel on the mountain line, up to Mariazell. We get off at the most beautiful places on the line and take photos. We drive to different photo spots every day in order to "work off" as many motifs as possible on the mountain route of the Mariazell Railway. In the evening we return to Winterbach, where we spend the night. At the end of the tour, you have the option of staying one more night in Winterbach.  

Tuesday, June 11
Mountain section of the Mariazell Railway with 1099.014 and GmP 
Wednesday, June 12
Mountain section of the Mariazell Railway with 1099.014 and 1099.011 and GmP 
Thursday, June 13
Mariazell line with 1099.011 and passenger train

Travel price

  • 1,000 Euro per person for all 3 days of participation in the photo tour.
  • 380 Euro for each individual day
  • Overnight stay in the tour hotel in Winterbach (only for participants who book at least the 3-day tour), i.e. from June 10-15 or 16, 2024):
  • in 1/2 double room with half board (breakfast) for 58 euros (excluding visitor's tax) per person per night.
  • in a single room with half board (breakfast) for 65 euros (excluding visitor's tax) per person per night.

Our services

  • Authentically labeled mixed trains (freight trains with passenger transport) and passenger trains on the Mariazell Railway on 11, 12 and 13 June 2024;
  • Operation of both locomotives on 2 days, 1099.11 with passenger train on June 12, 2024;
  • Night shots on June 11, 2024 at a selected photo location,
  • optional overnight stay with half board at the tour hotel in Winterbach, where the tours start and end.
  • Expert and experienced Tanago tour guide (German + English speaking) plus local tour guide.
    Not included in the tour price are tips, drinks, personal expenses, travel to and from Winterbach.


Winterbach is also a good place to stay for these tours.

This tour is designed exclusively for photographers, as we are not allowed to push the train back on the open track. In addition, we only park the train at many photo points and do not pass through. This means that this trip is only partially suitable for video enthusiasts.

You can optimally combine the 3 days on the Mariazell Railway with the 3 days on the Ybbstal Railway, the visit to the Krumpe on Saturday, June 8, 2024 and the scheduled trip of the Mh.6 on Sunday, June 9, 204 on the MzB.

The booking deadline for this trip is April 15, 2024, as we have to make a number of elaborate preparations. If we do not have the required minimum number of participants by then, we will cancel the event.